(and the north-east)

Working from the 1881 Census it was found that the WHEATON families who were living in the north east of England at that date came from three family groups:

One was that of the Philip who married Mary ARNOTT and lived in Westgate, Newcastle. He came from Huntingdonshire and is to be found on our WHEATON family tree.

Second were the descendants of John WHEATON and Ann BENNETT and Sarah Ann SCOBELL who had brought their family to Cramlington from Devon,

Third was the family of Philip Charles WHEATON and Mary TOTTEN, both dead by 1881. Their children had been born in London, but their ancestors were from Devon. Although some of the family appear to have returned to London, two of the children seem to have spent the rest of their lives in the north-east as they died in the Newcastle area.

(See the WHEATONS OF NORTHUMBERLAND page for more details)

Information referring to the places where these WHEATONs lived can be found on the following sites.




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17 May 2018