27 December 2012
Reports updated for Calvin, James, John, Thomas or Robert.
A new report has been added for Henry WHEADON (all shown as WHEATON in report).  A Descendant is having his DNA tested to see if there is a WHEATON this space! Unfortunately there was no match.

29 September 2012
A new family - details have been sent to me for a Newfoundland family.  This is the first time since I set up this web site that I have received such information.  The sender is also interested in the DNA PROJECT.

1 March 2014
A descendant from the family of James WHEATON, and one from the family of William and Sarah WHEATON have had their DNA tested.  Although no paper trail their DNA matches that of others who can trace their lines back to
ROBERT WHEATON (bc 1606 England -1695/6) and ALICE BOWEN

Caleb (died between Bet. 15 - 27 October 1787) and
Elizabeth PARKS

Was this a third wife for the the Caleb below? It is said he had another wife in Halifax

Calvin WHEATON (1815-1849) and Rebecca UNKNOWN

This was for Rebecca, mother of James J WHEATON who married Clara HAMILTON but I have now been sent the name of James's father  

James WHEATON (1738-1809) and Unknown
This is NOT the James WHEATON born in Devon in 1735. See DEVON WHEATONS page; Thomas and Sarah GODFREY, James born 1735 was their son; he and his parents lived their lives in Devon, England

John WHEATON and Zilpha COLE

Thomas or Robert WHEATON bc1777 and UNKNOWN

WILLIAM WHEATON (1740-1799) and SARAH UNKNOWN 1739-1782



Henry WHEADON 1804-1852 and RACHEL UNKNOWN


David WHEATON and Martha WRY
Now found to belong to the James WHEATON (1738-1809) family


My apologies to whoever sent me details of the family of David WHEATON and Martha WRY.  The Descendant report surfaced in my "Still to do pile" after a computer crash but unfortunately the covering message was not with the document.  If it was you, or if you are linked to this family, please do make contact with me.

John WHEATON and Elizabeth BROWN
Now found to belong to the James WHEATON (1738-1809) family

Caleb (born 1st October 1713) and Elizabeth FISHER
To be found on the AMERICAN WHEATONS page as part of Robert WHEATON/Alice BOWEN family. Second wife was Mary OWEN

(1716-1788) and 1 Unknown  
2 Mary OWEN

To be found on the AMERICAN WHEATONS page as part of Robert WHEATON/Alice BOWEN family
First wife was Elizabeth FISHER

William Thomas Payan WHEATON and Mary Euphrula UNKNOWN
To be found on the AMERICAN WHEATONS page as
now back to William (1740-1799) and Sarah UNKNOWN (1739-1782)

5th February 2014.
Seven years later the following still applies.  Over the years I have received a considerable amount of information about Canadian WHEATONs, but the queries still remain,

12th April 2007
Thomas WHEATON and Abigail FILLMORE replaced by James WHEATON (1738-1809), the individual in the previous generation, and his descendants.

The information which has been sent to me about CANADIAN WHEATONS is confusing. The details I have included on the website need to be checked because I have received conflicting data about some individuals from different researchers.  Some New Brunswick researchers are obviously working from original records but from this side of the Atlantic there is no way in which I can access such sources to ascertain which details are correct.

Because of my concern that I was including inaccurate information here I had planned to delete all references to the above families, but then I was sent details of another twig, so I feel that if I leave the information on the website, with this warning, perhaps something can be sorted out.

The research being undertaken by members of the "CANADIAN WHEATONs" (about 25 researchers in all) continues as there is still much to discover.  Many people are working on these families in an endeavour to clarify the details.  Therefore, if you know we have it wrong, please write. We need your help!

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