Descendants of Joe WHEATON


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Generation No. 1


1.  Joe1 WHEATON1,2 was born 12 May 1836 in Arkansas, USA2, and died 24 August 1924 in Midway, Texas, USA2.  He married Lucy WILLIAMS3,4 18705.  She was born July 1851 in South Carolina, USA6, and died Unknown.


Notes for Joe WHEATON:


1880        Madison, Texas, USA


1910        Justice Precinct 2, Madison, Texas, USA born 1838


Information from Helen ROSS 12/3/2002

Notes for Joe WHEATON

Born Arkansas, Father Ark; Mother: Louisa

Oral history indicates 1/2 Blackfoot Indian  Purportedley never a slave.


Helen Ross wrote - Date: August 06, 2002 at 12:27:44


James WHEATON, a 82 year old man in Richmond, California told me an interesting story today. His grandpa, Henry WHEATON along with his mother (name unknown) and brother, George were tricked onto a slave ship in Africa and transported to Louisiana. In America they were separated from their mother and sold to "Old Man WHEATON" They took the name WHEATON.  Old Man WHEATON's wife was barren and Old Man WHEATON had several slave women who bore his children and his name. Grandpa Henry was never a field hand because upon arriving in America he was a little boy. He spent most of his time in the "Big House" with Old Woman WHEATON. By the end of the Civil War Grandpa WHEATON and Old Woman WHEATON were lovers since Old Man WHEATON spent so much time away from the plantation. One day, after the Civil War, Henry and George spotted a wagonload of slaves leaving the plantation and jumped on board, never to see the original "home" again. They settled in Homer, Louisiana. George got into trouble with the local whites because he was aggitating to get out the black vote. Vigilantes ran him out of Louisiana and he hid out first in Arkansas and then in Texas. For a time he travelled with Jessie James and the Dalton Gang. Meanwhile, Grandpa Henry migrated to Hope, Arkansas where he died at the age of 100+ in about 1933 or 34. Grandpa Henry had some 21 children while there is a major question mark as to the number of children George had.  He purportedly hauled goods between So. America and Texas but ultimately disappeared in So. America.


Helen M. Ross" wrote 17/8/2002 to Jarel WHEATON:


Slaves were human chattel.  Most states required owners to record acquisitions with the courthouse.  In some states there are slave schedules but even those are hard to pin down because they list the owners but rarely a name for the slave, just a general description.  Wills are an excellent resource for finding a slave if you have the owners name.  Even deeds sometimes list slaves along with land or livestock transfers.


Also, slaves generally took the last name of their "original owner" and rarely changed if they were sold.  However, after the Civil War, many slaves changed their names to mark their change of status.


Carolyn and my gggrandfather Joe WHEATON and his three brothers (Henry, John and Monday) all state on 1867 Voter Registration that they were born in Arkansas and arrived in Texas 19 years ago (1848).  All report on the 1880 Census that they were born in Arkansas (between 1833 and 1840) and that their father was born in Arkansas and their mother in Louisiana.  Oral history states the brothers were one-half Indian.  There is nothing to indicate their parents migrated to Texas with the brothers so it would appear the oldest was 15 and the youngest 8 when they arrived in Texas.  I've searched the length and breadth of Arkansas in search of them.  All have been dead ends thus far.


Then, I found some WHEATONs out of Louisiana who have a strong oral history in their family.  Their ggrandfather passed on the tale of being shangheid in Africa and purchased to "Old Man WHEATON" in Louisiana.  The story also goes that Old Man WHEATON was a randy old goat who impregnated many slave women both on and off his plantation.  He purportedly travelled far and wide and spent little time on his own plantation.  These African WHEATONs of Louisiana were George and Henry.  Henry died in Hope, Arkansas but resided for a time after the Civil War in Homer, Louisiana.  I do not wholly discount that there may be a connection there.


From Helen ROSS 1/9/2002

Joe WHEATON (b 1837 AR) arrived in Texas around 1860.  Hise daughter Addie WHEATON married Mack Allen BAILEY.  To make a long story short, Elisha BAILEY married Allean HOLLEY (b 1/4/1900). Her father was John Rubin HOLLEY and mother was Rebecca Horn HOLLEY.  Tommie WHEATON (b 1910) married Allie HOLLEY.


From Helen ROSS 19th September 2002

I have taken the position (for now) that if we are dealing with African American WHEATON, prior to 1830 in Texas, Arkansas or Louisiana that it is a good possibility they are all linked, if not by blood, at least by circumstance (captivity).


1.  Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana all border one another.  Migration from both Arkansas and Louisiana to Texas was occasioned during that time period by greater access to "freedom", and the further incursion of whites into Indian Territory.  Whites migrated because of access to land grants, taking with them their captives.


2.  Added together, the early census pre-1850 for Louisiana and Arkansas have less than six WHEATON (white).  At least two of the ones in Louisiana are brothers.


3.  The story of "Old Man WHEATON" spreading his seed liberally through the slave quarters lends credence to the idea that many African Wheatons may have been spawned from the same or similar source.


4.  I find absolutely no documented trace of my direct family line prior to the 1867 Texas Voter Registration in which the four brothers report that they came to Texas in 1848 and three report being born in Arkansas and the fourth in Louisiana.  I fairly convinced their father was a runaway, probably from Louisiana, since his wife (their mother) was reported to be born in Louisiana.


The Homer, Louisiana African Wheatons are documented through oral history as being in Louisiana from circa 1830 through the end of the Civil War.  I am in contact with two direct descendants who are now 90/91.  They have a book which I hope to get a look at during the holidays near the end of the year.  Any new information I garner I will pass on.


More About Joe WHEATON:

Occupation: 1910 Farmer, General Farm

Residences: See Notes


Notes for Lucy WILLIAMS:


1880        Madison, Texas, USA


More About Lucy WILLIAMS:

Residences: See Notes


Children of Joe WHEATON and Lucy WILLIAMS are:

                 i.    Martha Ann2 WHEATON6, b. 1867, Madison County, Texas, USA6; d. Unknown; m. Edward "Dink" HARRISON6; b. Abt. 18627; d. Unknown.

                 ii.    Harriet WHEATON8, b. 1869, Madison County, Texas, USA8; d. Unknown; m. Caesar SQUARE8; b. Abt. 18649; d. Unknown.

                iii.    Addie WHEATON10, b. 22 December 1872, Madison County, Texas, USA10; d. 6 August 1936, Midway, Texas, USA10; m. Mack Allen BAILEY10, 22 December 1888, Midway, Texas, USA; b. 13 January 1869, Madison County, Texas, USA10; d. 23 June 194311.


More About Mack Allen BAILEY:

Occupation: Minister and Farmer12


2.            iv.    Archie WHEATON, b. 1875, Madison County, Texas, USA; d. Unknown.

                v.    Lilla WHEATON12, b. May 1878, Madison County, Texas, USA12; d. Unknown; m. Philmore ALLEN12; b. Abt. 187313; d. Unknown.

3.            vi.    James Abraham Garfield WHEATON, b. 5 August 1880, Madison County, Texas, USA; d. 29 January 1964, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, California, USA.

4.            vii.    Brisco (II) WHEATON, b. September 1883, Madison County, Texas, USA; d. Unknown.

              viii.    Texana WHEATON14, b. May 1887, Madison County, Texas, USA14; d. Unknown; m. Litt CARSON14; b. Abt. 188215; d. Unknown.

               ix.    Joe Jr WHEATON16, b. May 1890, Madison County, Texas, USA16; d. Unknown, In infancy17.

                x.    Sharp WHEATON18, b. 1908, Texas, USA18; d. Unknown.


Notes for Sharp WHEATON:


1910        Justice Precinct 2, Madison, Texas, USA

                Shown as son but impossible due to age of mother.


More About Sharp WHEATON:

Residences: See Notes



Generation No. 2


2.  Archie2 WHEATON (Joe1)19 was born 1875 in Madison County, Texas, USA19, and died Unknown.  He married Mary PORTER20.  She was born December 1881 in Texas, USA20, and died Unknown.


Children of Archie WHEATON and Mary PORTER are:

                 i.    Hattie3 WHEATON20, b. 1901, Midway, Texas, USA20; d. Unknown; m. Willis CURTIS20, 24 April 1925, Midway, Texas, USA20; b. Abt. 189621; d. Unknown.

                 ii.    Lizzie WHEATON22, b. Abt. 190323; d. Unknown; m. John JOHNSON24; b. Abt. 189825; d. Unknown.

                iii.    Massie WHEATON26, b. 1905, Midway, Texas, USA26; d. Unknown; m. Isaac TERRELL26, 24 December 1927, Madison County, Texas. USA26; b. Abt. 190027; d. Unknown.

               iv.    Israel WHEATON28, b. 1907, Midway, Texas, USA28; d. Unknown; m. Ada HERVEY28, 8 May 1927, Madison County, Texas. USA28; b. Abt. 190729; d. Unknown.

                v.    Tom WHEATON30, b. 1910, Midway, Texas, USA30; d. Unknown; m. Allie HOLLEY, Private; b. Private.

               vi.    James WHEATON30, b. 1914, Midway, Texas, USA30; d. Unknown.

               vii.    Billy WHEATON30, b. 1916, Midway, Texas, USA30; d. Unknown.



3.  James Abraham Garfield2 WHEATON (Joe1)31 was born 5 August 1880 in Madison County, Texas, USA31,32, and died 29 January 1964 in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, California, USA33.  He married (1) Carl Lenore JACKSON34 Abt. 190235.  She was born Abt. 188235, and died Unknown.  He married (2) Laura or Larissi CLEVELAND (CLEAVLAND)36,37 Abt. 1925 in Texas, USA38,39.  She was born Abt. 1885 in Unknown40, and died Unknown.


Notes for James Abraham Garfield WHEATON:

James was born in Texas in 1880, during his adult life he was a self employed farmer and for 40 years raised cotton and corn.  Upon  retiring he migrated to California.  In 1951 he purchased the property and home located at 1333 Riverside Avenue, Paso Robles California.  His son Winston was on the deed with him.  He had resided in the town prior to this purchase as at least two of his children graduated from Paso Robles High School, son Winston (Wimpy) Abraham Wheaton in 1951 and daughter Erna Beatrice Wheaton in 1954.


Property deed located in book 638 page 190 of official records of San Luis Obispo County California

the north one-half(1/2) being the North 25 feet of Lot 1 in Block 49 of the City of El Paso de Robles in the City of El Paso de Robles, County of San Luis Obispo, California.


At the time of his death, James left behind 10 children and was blessed with 34 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.  He was Remembered at the Church of Christ by the Reverand Jack R. Rudd and laid to rest at Paso Robles District Cemetery.


More About James Abraham Garfield WHEATON:

Burial: 1 February 1964, Paso Robles District Cemetery, Paso Robles, California, USA41

Retirement: In 1940's Moved from Texas to California


Children of James WHEATON and Carl JACKSON are:

                 i.    J W3 WHEATON42, b. Abt. 1903, Texas, USA43; d. Unknown.

                 ii.    Nenor Lenora WHEATON44, b. 11 March 1904, Midway, Texas, USA45; d. 10 August 1982, Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA45,46; m. Beatrice (Bell) E BAILEY47,48; b. 24 July 1902, Midway, Texas, USA48; d. March 1975, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA48.

                iii.    Dorothea WHEATON49, b. 1905, Texas, USA49; d. Unknown.

5.            iv.    Marilla (Maerilla) WHEATON, b. 1906, Texas, USA; d. Unknown.

                v.    Bristo WHEATON49, b. Bet. 1907 - 190849; d. Unknown; m. Annie Mae TURNER49, 25 September 1926, Madison County, Texas. USA49; b. Abt. 191250; d. Unknown.

               vi.    Willie Mae WHEATON51,52, b. 1910, Midway, Texas, USA52; d. Unknown; m. (1) Janest SANCHEZ53, 14 October 1929, Madison County, Texas. USA53; b. Abt. 190554; d. Unknown; m. (2) Johnny WILSON55, 194055; b. Abt. 190556; d. Unknown; m. (3) Richard Ervin SIMS57,58, 195058; b. Abt. 190559; d. Unknown.

               vii.    Theresa WHEATON60,61, b. 1912, Midway, Texas, USA61; d. Unknown; m. Martin SANCHEZ62, 13 October 1928, Madison County, Texas. USA63; b. Abt. 190764; d. Unknown.

              viii.    Ethylene WHEATON65,66, b. 1913, Midway, Texas, USA66; d. Unknown.

               ix.    Lila WHEATON, b. Private; m. Billy GOFFNEY66, Private; b. Abt. 191067; d. Unknown.

                x.    Leon WHEATON68,69, b. Abt. 1916, Midway, Texas, USA69; d. Unknown.

6.            xi.    Carl WHEATON, b. 14 January 1919, Texas, USA; d. 13 July 1949, Los Angeles, California. USA.



Children of James WHEATON and Laura (CLEAVLAND) are:

7.            xii.    Willie James3 WHEATON, b. 9 December 1926, Midway, Texas, USA; d. 27 September 1971, Santa Clara County, California, USA.

              xiii.    Octavia WHEATON, b. Private.

8.          xiv.    Winston Abraham Garfield WHEATON, b. 18 June 1930, Midway, Texas, USA; d. 25 February 1984, San Francisco, California, USA.

9.           xv.    Geneva Margaret or Morgolee WHEATON, b. 12 December 1932, Coleman County, Texas, USA or 4th December; d. 9 January 1992, Santa Clara County, California, USA or 1989.

10.        xvi.    Erna Betrice WHEATON, b. 17 September 1935, Midway, Texas, USA; d. 27 December 1992, Santa Clara County, California, USA.



4.  Brisco (II)2 WHEATON (Joe1)70 was born September 1883 in Madison County, Texas, USA70, and died Unknown.  He married Nora BACHELOR71.  She was born Abt. 188872, and died Unknown.


Children of Brisco WHEATON and Nora BACHELOR are:

                 i.    Bernice3 WHEATON73, b. Abt. 190874; d. Unknown.

                 ii.    Sherman WHEATON75, b. Abt. 191076; d. Unknown.

                iii.    Bertha WHEATON77, b. Abt. 191278; d. Unknown.

               iv.    Charles WHEATON79, b. Abt. 191480; d. 1973, Midway, Texas, USA81.

                v.    Vivian WHEATON, b. Private.

               vi.    Minnie WHEATON, b. Private.



Generation No. 3


5.  Marilla (Maerilla)3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)82,83 was born 1906 in Texas, USA83, and died Unknown.  She married Dave BYRD84,85.  He was born Abt. 190186, and died Unknown.


Children of Marilla WHEATON and Dave BYRD are:

                 i.    James4 BYRD, b. Private.

                 ii.    Earnestine BYRD, b. Private.



6.  Carl3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)87,88 was born 14 January 1919 in Texas, USA89, and died 13 July 1949 in Los Angeles, California. USA89.  He married Johnnie Mae WARRICK Private.  She was born Private.


Children of Carl WHEATON and Johnnie WARRICK are:

                 i.    Carlene "Doris"4 WHEATON, b. Private; m. Frank Thomas MORRIS, Private; b. Private.

11.            ii.    James Carl WHEATON, b. Private.

12.           iii.    Dwight WHEATON, b. Private.

               iv.    Lee WHEATON, b. Private.

                v.    Leonard WHEATON, b. Private.

               vi.    Victor WHEATON, b. Private.

               vii.    Jessie Mae WHEATON, b. Private.

              viii.    Elizabeth WHEATON, b. Private.

               ix.    Samantha WHEATON, b. Private.



7.  Willie James3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)90,91 was born 9 December 1926 in Midway, Texas, USA92,93, and died 27 September 1971 in Santa Clara County, California, USA94.


Children of Willie James WHEATON are:

                 i.    Dorethea Divers4 WHEATON, b. Private.

13.            ii.    Gwen WHEATON, b. Private.

14.           iii.    David Carl WHEATON, b. Private.

               iv.    Stephanie WHEATON, b. Private.

15.           v.    Roshena WHEATON, b. Private.



8.  Winston Abraham Garfield3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)95,96 was born 18 June 1930 in Midway, Texas, USA97,98, and died 25 February 1984 in San Francisco, California, USA99.  He married Unknown HARRIS Private.  She was born Private.


Notes for Winston Abraham Garfield WHEATON:

Winston was a Yell Leader while a student at Paso Robles High School.  I interviewed Norma (Della) Moye on September 6, 2001 who stated he was one of the best liked students she knew and counted him  as one of her dearest friends and everyone loved him.  She was also a member of the Yell squad.


Nicknamed "Wimpy" by students his death has been mourned by his class mates.


While in high school at Paso Robles Winston was a  member of the following and received the following awards:

Yell Leader 3, 4

Band Award 2, 3

Hi-Y Secretary 4

Orchestra 1, 2

Band 1,2,3,4,

Boys' Choir 3, 4


More About Winston Abraham Garfield WHEATON:

Graduation: June 1951, Paso Robles High School, Paso Robles, California100


Children of Winston WHEATON and Unknown HARRIS are:

                 i.    Winston A4 WHEATON, b. Private.

                 ii.    Ron WHEATON, b. Private.

                iii.    James WHEATON, b. Private.

               iv.    Richard WHEATON, b. Private.



9.  Geneva Margaret or Morgolee3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)101,102 was born 12 December 1932 in Coleman County, Texas, USA or 4th December103,104, and died 9 January 1992 in Santa Clara County, California, USA or 1989105,106.  She married Frederick EDMONDS Private.  He was born Private.


Notes for Geneva Margaret or Morgolee WHEATON:

At the time of marriage Geneve was residing at the home of her father James at 1333 Riverside Drive, Paso Robles, Ca.


Children of Geneva Margaret WHEATON and Frederick EDMONDS are:

                 i.    Ivenus L4 EDMONDS, b. Private.

                 ii.    Craig A EDMONDS, b. Private.



10.  Erna Betrice3 WHEATON (James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1)107,108 was born 17 September 1935 in Midway, Texas, USA109,110,111, and died 27 December 1992 in Santa Clara County, California, USA112,113.  She married Unknown HORTON Private.  He was born Private.


Notes for Erna Betrice WHEATON:

Erna graduated from El Paso de Robles Senior High School in June 1954. While in school she was a  member of G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4,; Glee Club 1, 2, ; A cappaella 3, 4.  Not much is known about Ernas'adult life she seems to have migrated between Northern and Southern California but living apart from her children.


Children of Erna WHEATON and Unknown HORTON are:

                 i.    Alpha A4 HORTON, b. Private.

                 ii.    Mark HORTON114,115, b. 9 April 1959, Los Angeles County, California, USA116,117; d. 1993117.

                iii.    Phillip HORTON, b. Private.

16.          iv.    Carolyn HORTON, b. Private.



Generation No. 4


11.  James Carl4 WHEATON (Carl3, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.


Children of James Carl WHEATON are:

                 i.    Carla5 WHEATON, b. Private.

                 ii.    Ja'mela WHEATON, b. Private.



12.  Dwight4 WHEATON (Carl3, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.  He married Edna WHEATON Private.  She was born Private.


Children of Dwight WHEATON and Edna WHEATON are:

                 i.    Stephanie5 WHEATON, b. Private.

                 ii.    Dwight Jr WHEATON, b. Private.



13.  Gwen4 WHEATON (Willie James3, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.  She married (1) Randolph JAMES Private.  He was born Private.  She married (2) David BROWN Private.  He was born Private.


Child of Gwen WHEATON and David BROWN is:

                 i.    Tallin5 BROWN, b. Private.



14.  David Carl4 WHEATON (Willie James3, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.


Children of David Carl WHEATON are:

                 i.    Davie5 WHEATON, b. Private.

                 ii.    Brandon WHEATON, b. Private.

                iii.    Maxwell WHEATON, b. Private.



15.  Roshena4 WHEATON (Willie James3, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.


Child of Roshena WHEATON is:

                 i.    Laurana5 GARRETT, b. Private; m. Louis PAPP, Private; b. Private.



16.  Carolyn4 HORTON (Erna Betrice3 WHEATON, James Abraham Garfield2, Joe1) was born Private.  She married William Brembry SCOTT Private.  He was born Private.


Children of Carolyn HORTON and William SCOTT are:

                 i.    Lanessa Anne5 HORTON-SCOTT, b. Private.

                 ii.    Nathaniel HORTON-SCOTT, b. Private.






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